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From time to time UCL clear their heavily stocked ranges to make way for new products. We reduce these products to cost price to ensure quick clearance.

Grab a bargain while they last!

Special offer clearance
10 x 50(w)mm - 70mm(l) gas fire rounded Coals pre-packed. The 10 Pence piece gives reference to scale.

Pack contains 10 x 50(w)mm - 70mm(l) (approx size) rounded Coals.


Very limited stock

£7.99 per pack


Need a touch up colour?
We can provide you with 500ml of water based pigment supplied in a gel form. Six standard colours are available.
Offer price £19.95 per 500ml

Key advantages of our Refractory Ceramic Fibre pigment range:

Water Based.
Non Toxic.
Chemically Controlled Penetration (CCP).
Colour Stability in excess of 1100ºC.
Complies fully with the industry standard 1000hr flame cycle.
Flame erosion and acidic deterioration tested.
Fully intermixable.
Non Dusting.
Compatible with all Refractory Ceramic Fibre types.